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Henry Mbayen
- 2020年01月23日 06时00分48秒
Hi sorry,

I am not sure this is clear for me. I have ordered and paid for an 8K plus. Does it mean that you will not ship until after 1/31? If that is the case, how long after 1/31 for my specific order? You should have put this disclaimer on your website so we know what to expect. I am considering canceling my order.

Please advise

On Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 8:45 PM Emily.wang <Emily.wang@pimaxvr.com> wrote:

    Holiday Notice

Dear Pimaxers,

 Due to Spring Festival (24/01/2020 - 31/01/2020) , the China local courier will be lack of manpower and the packages are unable to deliver to the overseas warehouse, the delivery progress will be slow down. But we do have 5K Plus and 5KXR stock at the FBA warehouse, it doesn’t affect the shipment to your door place. This only will effective on the CHINA team, but US, EU and other regions will be in their position as usual.


After-Sale Team - Our after-sale team (Shanghai Team) will be less responsive due to the holiday, but we will schedule the team (US and other region) to work longer time to prevent any inconvenience. We will be trying to manage our team to work on the ticket system/logistic.

If you are in urgent issues, you can drop an email at Emily.wang@pimax.com. Hope you do understand the arrangement.



Happy New Year~



Pimax Customer Service Team                                                         

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Henry Mbayen