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Problem with Order SO6808

Brian Kearney
- 2020年02月15日 00时25分03秒

I recently received my upgrade/swap to the Valve Index controllers and base stations. I'm concerned because the base stations were not in their retail package. They were tossed into the controllers box (not secured) and they were knocking around with random fidget spinners. The controller box had obviously been opened - these are not new items from the manufacturer.

I didn't order fidget spinners. I ordered Index Controllers and Base Stations. They should arrived new in the retail packaging. 

I tried to setup the equipment anyway (I've waited so long) and one of the base stations is dead. I've tried all the troubleshooting steps with Steam/Valve, and nothing works. They believe that the laser was knocked out of alignment due to the way it was shipped to me.

Please refund my original payment for the base station or send me a new one immediately.

Thank you.

Brian Kearney