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Re: Issue with the earphone plug (#19647)

Florian Brouillet
- 2020年01月21日 08时34分17秒
Dear Sally,

I cannot provide you a picture nor a video because the problem is the earphone plug.
If I plug earphones onto the headset, I have only one ear working. If I unplug just a bit the earphone, I have both, but in a bad quality and inverted.
I saw few people had the problem on Pimax Forum.

Best regards,

Florian Brouillet
15 rue des Balançoires
69007 Lyon
Portable : 07 70 01 90 02

Le mar. 21 janv. 2020 à 07:57, sally.huang <> a écrit :

Dear Florian Brouillet,

Could you please give us a picture or video about this issue? With relevant videos or images, we can quickly identify problems and provide solutions.
You can add a reply directly to the email, or you can upload the video to the google cloud to give us a link.
Thanks for your support.

Best regards

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