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Re: Backer #4568: combine 10m extension cable and extra face cushion with current orders? (#22292)

Dennis Braun
- 2020年02月12日 08时42分50秒
Hi Sally,

according to your last statement and also the confirmation in the forum that the cable is not produced anymore I ordered and already use aftermarket extension cables, so I not need the 10m cable anymore. As stated I also not need store credits thats why please refund via paypal.



Am 12. Februar 2020 07:37:34 schrieb "sally.huang" <>:

Dear Dennis Braun,

Because it was Chinese new year holiday a few days ago,sorry for the late reply.
I have confirmed with my leader again that the 10m cable will be produced again, but the specific release time has not been confirmed yet.
I hope you can wait, or we can replace it with a credit or a 3m cable.
Thanks for your support and understanding.

Best regards

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